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We love to collaboratewith positive brands thatwant to be remembered forthe benefits theY bringto EARTH & societyWe collaboratewith positivebrands thatwant to bereminded forWHAT benefitstheY bring toEARTH ANDsociety.

LEOLEO is a digital design partner based in France, delivering globally

design partner

our approach

We always apply the following principles in the aim of fighting the digital boredom



Living in a society that put the metrics in the forefront, we all tend to forget the human inspirational contribution to any successful project. Be reassured, data will always be considered by our team but we also deeply trust in our capabilities and experience to create the best engaging platforms.

Speed loading and smoothness is the new dept. Quite rightly, users and planet earth are also both claiming for it. So we take extra care to keep our design compliant with the latest technical build approach to always reach a good website performance scoring. 

We love to create impactful branding universe for audacious brands. Our team delivers only singular objects that will make you noticeable to help reaching your business and communication goals.

Before claiming our digital expertise, we like to consider ourselves as just simple web users, including all the satisfaction and frustration we feel by simply browsing the worldwide web. Be sure we won’t deliver any material that is not fully deeply conceived and adapted for your final users and marketing targets.

Because we are passionate guys, our team is still up to date to latest design and tech trends. So we ensure that our deliverables are easy to maintain and to make evolve enough throughout the years.

What we do

We are 12 + years experience in the digital industry, former both agency side and production studio. LEOLEO is a trusted partner for leading ambitious projects to deliver digital platforms & medias.


  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Headless e-shop
  • Web products
  • Campaigns


  • Brand strategy
  • Art direction & Branding
  • UX/UI
  • Development
  • Content strategy
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team members

coralie castot

“AFTER YEARS, i still create with the same level of excitement ... YOU SHOULD send us a brief to feed my design appetite”

art director
Arthur Guillaume

“You should work with us and PROMISED, I’ll send you bulleted list emails, FAIR quotes and good news”

executive producer
upcoming recruit

"I feel wild enough to join the team and take the opportunity to bring my personal touch to what they're working on"

full-time talentapply
leo junior

"LEOLEO looks like the right spot to me gaining experience and showcasing my design skills as an apprentice"

mini leo

"I want to do my internship at LEOLEO to discover this industry and demonstrate what I'm able to provide"


Selected clients



While good user reviews and performance metrics still worth everything to us, we are also happy to please our team and influence the peers in receiving creative distinctions. Throughout our internet careers, we’re proud to have won 50+ awards in the digital industry


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