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Bloo is an upcoming VTC provider which want to disrupt the existing app models while enabling drivers to be granted a significantly higher remuneration and only charging a monthly membership to the drivers. Bloo has reached out LEOLEO to fully conceive and produce their corporate website.

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  • role

    Art Direction / Animations / UX-UI / Copywriting / Development

  • credits

    Development by / Copywriting by Aurélie Cia / Motion by Guillaume Lanoiselée

  • awards

    SOTD CSS Design Awards

The mission

This brief was made for us, finding the way to design what makes Bloo not just another ride hailing app. It's always easier when the service itself offer something really different. Indeed, Bloo aims to provide safe, affordable and reliable transport to everyone.

Because we like when it's moving, for both drivers and clients we have produced several fluid and custom animations to showcase the features and services Bloo is actually offering.

To make an impression on visitors, we have developed an interactive and joyful moment while hovering the main website catch phrases.

This interaction gives value to Bloo's differentiating factors and illustrates how well they are positioned on this tense market. And yes, everything is working on mobile.

key takeaways

For this project, our client Bloo gave us a total creative freedom. Thanks to this and our ways of working, we have achieved to enrich significantly their graphical and editorial guidelines for future marketing and web product uses. To be continued...

    key FIGURES
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    built with editable components

  • 30

    business days project length

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    animation average weight


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